Our Exciting New Sili Muncher Teething Toys & Dummy Clips Have Arrived!

Our Exciting New Sili Muncher Teething Toys & Dummy Clips Have Arrived!

Sili-Chic is delighted to announce the launch of our latest product range the adrobale Sili-Munchers! These teething toys are designed in line with our other top sellers, teething dummy clips.

Our personalized teething dummy clips have been the go-to option for mums with teething babies and perfect choices for baby shower gifts.

Mums asked for something special for a unique baby shower gift and we answered with a range of complementing products to soothe teething babies from lovely silicone mittens to our dummy clips which can be personalized with baby names.

Order Only Superior Quality Teething Toys from Sili-Chic.

Our new Sili-Muncher, just like our collection of silicone jewelry for mums and babies, makes it easier to have something on hand when the baby starts to fuss with teething pain.  We are offering these at launch for special prices but do not delay because our Sili-Munchers are so popular  that they are selling faster than we can make them so order today!

Order fast because these delightful new teething toys are selling like hotcakes and you can place your order conveniently online through Facebook.

Due to the popularity of these teething toys, they are not listed in our store until we have built up sufficient stocks so contact us here or on Facebook.

Mums and customers that have purchased our teething dummy clips have mentioned they are delighted with the effectiveness of calming the baby down within seconds. The warm colors of the silicone beads soothe the baby, while the extended string of beads gives them something to fiddle with.

Follow our Facebook page and share with other mums so they can see our exciting new special offers and new product ranges as well as take part in our regular prize give away.

Exceptional Value, Exceptional Quality!  Our New Sili-Muncher Teething Toys.

Our customers know that Sili-Chic only uses superior food-grade silicone in all our products and the popular personalized teething dummy clips are the hottest sellers.  Sili-Munchers come with a convenient handle for babies to hold with cute colors and accessories to keep fussing babies occupied.

Browse the categories of our product selections to find the perfect baby shower gift in teething dummy clips, silicone mittens and our new Sili-Muncher teething toys.

We deliver nationwide and you can order securely online or contact us through Facebook.  Should you wish to order bulk teething dummy clips or our exclusive new Sili-Munchers then contact us directly and we will discuss a mutually beneficial price per quantity.

Sili-Chic’s main goal is to provide affordable teething dummy clips and complementing accessories for teething babies.



Get Contemporary Silicone Jewellery in a Spectrum of Colours!

Add Variety To Your Collection with Stylish, Functional Silicone Jewellery from Sili-Chic.

Silicone Teething Necklace

It’s not only Moms with teething babies that buy our deluxe range of fashionable contemporary silicone jewellery for teething babies but also women that are fashion conscious.

Our collections of vibrant colours, styles, and designs in silicone jewellery are all handcrafted with care to every detail to make them perfect.

We take care to experiment with colours combining shades that complement, so whatever outfit you wear, you will find the perfect spectrum of colours in contemporary silicone jewellery from Sili-Chic.

Silicone Teething Necklace

This functional silicone jewellery is sought after by mums for teething babies as the food grade silicone beads comfort and soothe the pain when babies develop their new teeth.

Choose Our Unique Designs in Contemporary Silicone Jewellery.

All our jewellery pieces are named and can be customised making them perfect gifts for baby showers or even to spoil yourself with an affordable and fashionable necklace. All of our products are made with the utmost care using approved food grade silicone beads and accessories.  Our lanyards are soft to touch yet tough enough to prevent breakage when baby tugs on your necklace or dummy clips while chewing on the beads to relive teething pain..

Teething necklaces and dummy clips are popular with mum’s as they are easy to clean and sterilize and food grade silicone will not develop mould, fungus or bacteria.

*Sili-Chic would like to remind Mom’s that teething necklaces are not toys and although superb for teething babies you must be present to supervise at all times. never allow your baby to wear any jewellery as this could become a choking or strangulation hazard!

Silicone Necklaces

Why is Silicone Jewellery Becoming so Popular?

Contemporary silicone jewellery has grown in leaps and bounds in popularity because of its soft silky feel, and because it is very light, there are endless options for showy designs.  Food grade silicone does not contain any materials that will cause allergies and the wide range of colours allows you to mix and match pieces to suit different outfits.

Silicone Teething Necklace

Looking for the perfect gift? Sili-Chic jewelry is perfect for anyone that likes stylish jewellery and you will definitely find something that may spark their delight! Better still you will find by comparison our jewellery is a fraction of the prices and we are competitive to ensure you get the value you deserve.

Although silicone materials are light ,they are tough and durable to withstand hard knocks and mishandling.  In addition, silicone beads and pendants are easy to clean, waterproof and colour fast.

Dare to be different and start choosing silicone jewellery as your go to pieces when out with jewellery from Sili-Chic.




Thoughtful & Unique Baby Shower Gifts. Shop Online Now!

Thoughtful & Unique Baby Shower Gifts. Shop Online Now!

Baby Shower Gifts Ideas From Sili-Chic

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

Buying baby shower gifts for babies can be difficult for many, and even more so for those that have no children,  search no further as Sili-Chic have a couple of things we are sure will leave a meaningful impression.  You can choose all sorts of baby shower gifts from giving the mother to be something simple or if it is a special friend you can buy something elegant or personal even.  Silicone jewellery is functional for mothers with small babies serving as both an accessory and functional item for baby’s to tug at and play with as well as chew when fussing with teething.

Baby showers are just like wedding showers in a way and you can choose items that the person needs by making a list of what you think they will need as well.  Usually useful items are the go to but many of them are single use such as nappies, on the other hand, those little shoes wont last long either as they grow!

Baby Shower Gift

Ask other parents for baby Shower Gift Ideas 

If you are completely stumped then ask parents you may know for some ideas and ask them to browse our website online to view all the wonderful options we have at Sili-Chic for some opinions.  Another way to find the perfect baby shower gifts for the mother to be is to ask her partner for ideas, or perhaps they can give you a list of things that they need.

They will appreciate the fact that you wish to buy them a baby shower gift they can really use, so even if a silicone accessory is not on the list you can surprise them with something unique.

Silicone dummy clips from our range can be personalized with the baby’s name and is a wonderful and popular option and turns out to be a super gift that is useful when teething time comes around.

Silicone Dummy Clips

Mums with small babies still want to go out and look stylish so a fashionable piece of silicone jewelry from our collection will definitely be accepted with pleasure. As the mum what her favourite colour is and your are sure to find something perfect in the collections we have.

Sili-Chic is well known for their stylish pieces of jewelry, and best of all any items in our collections of products will suit any budget.

Buy a dummy clip with a lovely piece of jewelry or consider our baby shower gift hampers which are currently very popular. If you need any useful ideas or something personalized from our range with a specific name then drop us an email and we will be glad to help you.




The Perfect Gift: Personalized Teething Dummy Clips

The Perfect Gift: Personalized Teething Dummy Clips

Teething Dummy Clips Are A Wonderful Solution for Teething and Falling Dummys.

Baby Shower Gift

Order Our Gorgeous Teething Dummy Clips and Mittens Online!

Sili-Chic teething dummy clips are gaining popularity as a far better option for babies to chew on to soothe them while teething and are made from safe, food grade silicone.

The second option is a teething necklace that mum can wear while babies chew on them but never allow babies to wear them because they could become a strangulation or choking hazard.

The advantages of dummy clips available from Sili-Chic are their durability, quality and re-usability as they can simply be cleaned by hot water after baby has drooled over them.

100% Safe, Food Grade Silicone from Sili-Chic

Even pediatricians recommend that mum’s only choose silicone dummy clips or teething necklaces manufactured using a 100% food-grade silicone. Beware of cheap knock off products that could contain harmful additives and other teething products that may be harmful for your baby.

Our dummy teething clips are wonderful to soothe the pain in teething babies with Moms everywhere finding them to be a must have!

Choose from a range of bright colours that baby will love and you never need worry about breakage because they are created using a tough durable cord and break-away clasps.

Sili-Chic silicone dummy clips are perfect for Moms with small babies and they are great value for money too.  We have happy Moms who recommend our dummy clips as well as all our silicone jewellery products for nursing/feeding and relief for teething.

Teething Mitten and Clip

Mum’s that are wary of using any types of silicone jewellery for teething babies can have a look at our food grade silicone mittens offered at exceptional value for money, they come as a single mitten in blue or pink which has a velcro strap to secure to tiny hands which can then proceed to gum away at the soft silicone as if they were chewing their own fingers.

Teething can be a frustrating time in a mother’s life when baby is fussing and crying.  Some Mothers even take their kids to the ER only to find out that the problem is baby teeth are breaking through causing baby’s extreme discomfort.

Teething silicone jewelry and our accessories are perfect baby shower gifts while having the function of being stylish to wear and on hand when baby starts to fuss.

Pro Tip: Keep your dummy clips and teething mittens in the refrigerator freezer section(if you have one, not the deep freeze!) for added soothing relief when baby needs it or coat it with Pediatrician approved teething gels or powders available from pharmacies.

Best Value Exclusive Silicone Jewellery from Sili-Chic.

We do custom designs of most of our teething accessories so feel free to send in a request.  We also have the option to customise your teething dummy clip with any name or nickname within 8 letters for a little bit extra.

Our teething jewelry is wonderfully named and we will add your custom design and name to our store too(without the name of course!), send us a any name and get a thoughtful baby shower gift.  Our personalized services and superior quality products at the best prices are what make Sili-Chic stand out, give us a try!

Silicone Dummy Clips

Silicone Fashion Jewelry Perfect for Summer Outfits, Great for Mum’s!

Silicone Fashion Jewelry Perfect for Summer Outfits, Great for Mum’s!

Sili-Chic Has A Range of Silicone Fashion Jewelry Both Stylish and Functional

Silicone Fashion Jewelery

Silicone Fashion Jewelry Perfect for Everyone this Coming Summer!

Sili-Chic are proud to be creators of a unique range of stylish fashionable silicone jewelry; popular with mothers that have teething babies and trending with those that dare to be different. Our awesome silicone fashion jewelry is perfect for the upcoming summer months in a range of delightful pastel colours that will accentuate any outfit.

Mum’s with teething babies love that our jewelry complements so many styles of clothing, without being over-powering and is readily available when baby starts getting fussy while teething.

Silicone Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Are for Everyone.

All our jewelry is perfectly safe for teething babies, carefully manufactured by hand using 100% non-toxic and BPA-free food grade silicone, a wonderful addition to enhance your look.

The silky smooth feel of the silicone on your skin makes it super comfortable, and with such a gorgeous collection of necklaces and pendants offered by Sili-Chic, there is definitely something just perfect for you.

Silicone fashion jewelry from Sili-Chic is a popular gift for baby showers and even something uniquely different for that special fashion conscious someone that delights in unique stylish jewelry.  Mum’s love our silicone jewelry because it is soothing on teething babies’ gums, and while they chew on them it helps relieve the pain without any damage to the necklace.

Baby teething Silicone Jewelry

Dummy Clips and silicone beads also prepare your baby for solid food once the teeth are broken through and they offer stimulation for your baby when they fiddle with the beads.

Choose fashion silicone jewelry from Sili-Chic and delight in exceptional value for money shipped nationwide.  We offer combos and custom made orders with your baby’s name and for baby showers consider adding our teething mittens for a wonderful gift for Mum’s to be.

Silicone Fashion Jewelry

Our silicone jewelry is easy to clean and durable, it is safe with each piece manufactured with love and care to ensure that every detail is perfect in a finished product just for you.

The smooth cord will not get caught in your hair and is exceptional strength to prevent breakage when your baby tugs at it while teething.  Browse our various categories of silicone fashion jewelry and get yours today!

Fashion Conscious Mum’s &  Women Should Add Our Soft Silicone Jewellery to Their Collections!

Fashion Conscious Mum’s & Women Should Add Our Soft Silicone Jewellery to Their Collections!

Order Our Gorgeous Silicone Jewellery Online Today!

Silicone jewelry Online

Sili-Chic: A Leading Supplier of Silicone Jewellery Online!

Silicone jewellery has been making steady inroads into many women’s jewellery boxes just as it has become the go to solution to help soothe teething babies.  The allure of silicone jewellery which is both stylish and functional is is in high demand and is often the perfect conversation starter!

Although there are dozens of silicone jewellery suppliers and manufacturers where you can choose a variety of different styles and colours, none of them are able to supply such unique designs crafted with beautiful food grade silicone like Sili-Chic.

Mum’s love our selected items which are perfect for teething babies and rest assured each piece is exquisitely hand crafted with colourful designs that will hardly go out of fashion.  There are piece’s to match any outfit for any occasion and some go well with any choices. Our silicone jewellery is specifically named to give it flair and a sense of intrigue into the vast meanings of names.  We also do custom designs so feel free to send us a message with your requests.

Teething Necklaces

Why Choose Sili-Chic Silicone Jewellery?

Our jewellery is NOT mass produced and every piece is hand crafted with special attention given to every fine detail using superior quality materials.

Women love the soft sleek feel of our pieces and it would be fair to say we create unique designer jewellery! If you are a Mum that enjoys being out and about and need something durable to keep baby occupied, then try one of our products for when baby gets fussy from teething pain.

In South Africa, Sili-Chic is a preferred online store for fine quality silicone jewellery offered at exceptional value for money with the convenience of having it delivered straight to your door.

We have had delighted testimonials from many satisfied mothers and customers after they have seen our jewellery exceed their expectations when they have received it.

Sili-Chic has built up a reputation for quality and originality of silicone jewellery and we are happy to assist with custom designs and baby names if you cannot find something specific.

Choose necklaces, pendants, dummy clips, bangles and much more all created to the highest standards of quality and uniqueness.  We will provide prompt shipping directly after purchase to any destinations in South Africa so that you can look forward to fantastic silicone jewellery for teething babies, for special baby shower gifts or to make a fashion statement.

Take some time to enjoy the convenience of shopping online where you can choose what you want through easily categorized pieces.  Our lovely selections are certain to suit any clothing colour, and will even complement other jewellery you wear with it.