Soothing Baby Teething Pains are a Breeze With Sili-Chic Teething Accessories

Soothing Baby Teething Pains are a Breeze With Sili-Chic Teething Accessories

Help Baby Through those Teething Pains With Our Sili-Munchers & Dummy Clips.

Baby Teething Pains

Is Baby Suffering Teething Pains? Sorted With Sili-Chic Teething Accessories.

Mums are thrilled with our new range of cute dummy clips and our new Sili-Munchers which are great for baby to hold and chew.

Mums know that when baby begins teething it is frustrating and stressful with all the crying and many try out all sorts of methods to help alleviate the baby’s pain and discomfort.

Most parents have found that silicone teething accessories are safe and effective to relieve teething pains. It is important to buy these from reputable suppliers that use superior quality safe food-grade silicone in their manufacture.

Sili-Chic stands by all our products which are dedicated to helping mums through this difficult period in a baby’s life when teething pains strike which often starts at the age of six months.

Teething Pains Accessory

What causes teething pains?  

When the primary sets of teeth start pushing through the gums it is irritating for a baby and often itchy and painful. Some babies are fortunate to develop their new teeth quickly while others suffer teething issues for months while teeth push through.

During teething, your baby will bite and chew on anything they can get their hands on to relieve the pain and our Sili-Munchers are a great accessory that works effectively.

When the front primary teeth push through it can be more uncomfortable than painful but when the molars start developing, teething pains can become unbearable causing babies to cry and fuss incessantly.

Teething Mittens

What can parents do to relieve teething pains?

New mums are distressed by the excessive drooling, crying, and fussing of babies, often believing something is seriously wrong with the baby. If you believe it may be something more than teething, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor for peace of mind.

Baby teething pains are a natural process in developing and growing children and there are common signs that you can identify that teething has begun.

Some of these include:

  • Flushed cheeks and red, swollen gums.
  • Excessive drooling could cause face rashes.
  • Baby trying to bite down on their toys or any objects.
  • Occasional ear pains on the side where teeth are developing.
  • Unable to settle down to sleep due to teething pains.
  • Erratic eating and drinking.
  • Sometimes a mild but higher fever than normal.

Sili-Chic has a variety of safe affordable teething accessories and the new range of Sili-Munchers are perfect to take with you wherever you go.

All our products are manufactured with safe food-grade silicone from dummy clips to mittens and other super quality products to relieve baby teething pains.

Silicone accessories for teething are easy to clean and maintain, durable and colorful to stimulate babies, and of course a wonderful baby shower gift. Order online or contact us on Facebook with questions or custom requests.

Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children

Parenting Tips for Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children

Healthy Eating and Hygiene for Children: Tips Parents Should Know.

Hygiene for Children

Hygiene for Toddlers and Children to Keep them Safe and Healthy

Healthy nutrition and hygiene for children is the top of the list for keeping your children healthy and basic guidelines should be followed. Teaching hygiene for children is now more important than ever with the global pandemic affecting everyone.

Your child’s healthy development all depends on you, and no doubt like all parents you only want what is best for your children.

When children are not taught how to make healthy choices when it comes to food and nutrition or basic hygiene habits, they could develop their own bad habits which will become very difficult to break.

Teach hygiene for children as soon as they can understand!

It is crucial to start teaching children as soon as they are able to understand the correct ways of cleanliness and good nutrition and the importance of following these regimens.

To begin with, parents should start teaching children and toddlers to eat healthily, ensuring a well-balanced diet with fruit and vegetables and a minimum of fast foods.  This is not always easy but you can still use sweets and treats as rewards for when they are good and do eat sparingly.

Fast foods and sweets should really just be treats and nothing more.  As soon as your child begins eating solid foods, you should begin with nutrition plans, which are easy enough to find online or consult your doctor if you have no idea what to feed them.

Healthy eating and hygiene habits for children start with you and you can teach a child from a very young age the importance of healthy nutrition and hygiene while being a role model because they will follow your lead as well.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, many families are too tired to cook after a tough day at work and fast food dinners become commonplace.

These are not the healthiest choices although there are some fast foods that are healthy, but still few and far between and incomparable to the healthy food you as a parent would prepare for your child.

Where it concerns applying good hygiene for children, you cannot try and save time by taking shortcuts, so for foods try and prepare meals with the least amount of sugars, salts, and fats to keep them healthy and eating a balanced diet.

The last tip for healthy nutritional habits is eating at the same time every day and you as a parent should enforce meal times together as a family.  If the child does become hungry before dinner time, opt for healthy snacks.

Teaching healthy hygiene for children to make it habit.

Like teaching good nutritional values to children, the same applies to teaching proper hygiene to keep children healthy and should be done from an age when they are able to understand.  Good hygiene for children will prevent them from becoming susceptible to diseases, common ailments, and serious illnesses.

Hygiene for Children

Children must be taught to understand that dressing neatly is not all it takes for good hygiene but also the habit of washing hands, brushing teeth and avoiding situations that can cause ill health.

Children are inquisitive and it is impossible to keep them squeaky clean all the time, but after playtime, they can still be taught the importance of washing and bathing.

Teach them the importance of washing hands before eating and touching food, avoiding foreign objects, fecal matter, dirty public facilities, blowing noses and teach them to cover their mouths while sneezing and coughing.

Other hygiene can mean showing them how to keep their nails and hair clean, and to wear clean clothes and underwear after bathing which should be a daily occurrence for all children while growing up to become a healthy habit.

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5 Useful Tips for Parents to Help Baby Through Teething Times!

5 Useful Tips for Parents to Help Baby Through Teething Times!

Make Baby Teething Times a Breeze With These Useful Tips for Mums & Dads!

Teething Times Tips

Teething Times Do Not Have To Be Stressful For Mums & Babies!

When teething times come around for your baby new teeth start pushing through which can cause a lot of distress and often leads to red faces and frustration.  During this time your baby will be restless, fussy, crying a lot and grabbing everything in sight to chew on trying to get some relief.

Here are some useful tips to help with this stressful time, and remember Sili-Chic offer the best in dummy clips, silicone jewellery and teething mittens that are all perfect for babies while their teeth are developing.

1) Find What Works and What Does Not.

Although there are lots of useful guidelines for teething babies online, every baby is different and what works for some may not work for others.  Sometimes teeth start breaking through later than the normal which is often around 6-10 months.

However some babies begin teething later and then it can be even more painful for them.  You may have to try different methods and suitable solutions to see what works best and this means some experimentation.

2) Silicone Dummy Clips, Teething Rings and Mittens.

Today you can find some amazing silicone accessories like dummy clips and even mittens which babies can chew on safely to relieve painful gums and help teeth break through.

Browse the collections we have on Sili-Chic and order conveniently online but you may also find conventional teething rings and useful products at many baby stores and pharmacies if this is what you prefer.

Dummy Teething Clips

Dummy clips and brightly coloured silicone jewelry are not only great for baby to chew on during teething, but also offer distractions to keep babies occupied while fiddling with them.

*Pro Tip: Cool silicone dummy clips in your fridge because this aids in relief for inflamed gums, but do not freeze or make them too cold.

While teething rings and silicone jewellery are great for teething times, use them safely and be present to make certain that they do not cause strangulation or choking hazards.

3) How To Tell When Baby Starts Teething?

Most mums don’t know why baby is causing such a fuss and are unaware that teething times have started.  Some signs are when baby starts chewing on everything, excessive drooling and restlessness.

You may also notice that their gums are red and inflamed but if you are still not certain, take baby to the doctor to have a look.

Comforting teething babies

Should babies start teething later than the norm they can be given carrots or large sized pieces of apples and other hard fruits or vegetables to chew on.  Once again, be present at all times when they are chewing.

4) Try Teething Gels & Powders For Fast Relief.

Many mums swear by using teething gels and powders but while they may be effective for some for others this is not the case.

These teething powders and gels will help numb the pain a little, but if you do use them then follow instructions exactly as directed.  You can coat dummy clips or teething silicone necklaces with these powders and gels as well.

Suitable Paracetamol Or Ibuprofen For Teething Times.

Sometimes when teeth start pushing through it can be extremely painful for your baby causing them extreme distress. When this is the case ask the doctor or a pharmacist for paracetamol or approved pain relievers for your baby, for any teething gels, powders or pain relief medicines which can help.  These should only be used on babies 4 months and older.

5) Comforting Your Baby.

Parents can do everything possible to comfort babies while teeth are pushing through, even rubbing their fingers gently on the gums which can help and also distracts them.  Watch out for face rashes and neck rashes which could occur from excessive drool and use a bib or soft cloth to wipe this away.

Once the babies teeth have pushed all the way through you can take them to a dentist for examination and they will give you pertinent advice for caring and brushing their teeth.

11 Important Safety Measures At Home For Children And Toddlers For Mums

11 Important Safety Measures At Home For Children And Toddlers For Mums

Parental Safety Measures at Home for Children and Toddlers to Prevent Accidents and Injuries.

Safety for Children

Keep Babies and Toddlers Safe With These Useful Tips by Sili-Chic

Thousands of serious accidents happen to children and many of them happen at home, and as parents we should do a little child proofing at home which can go a long way to preventing these common accidents.  Once toddlers begin crawling and exploring, all sorts of little mishaps can happen and you can prevent injury and accidents by applying some basic common sense.

Below are some simple safety measures at home for children that you can apply in and around your home for peace of mind, especially if you have toddlers.  Most of these safety measures at home for children and home safety tips for child modifications can be implemented at minor costs and you will find accessories that are easy to install at many baby stores.

Sili-Chic Teething Dummy Clips for Babies. Click Below to Browse

Dummy Clips

1- Always install safety latches and locks for medicine and cleaning product cabinets, as well as drawers in kitchens, and bathrooms.  This will prevent the common poisoning accidents that children suffer each year at home.  Latches will further help prevent children from gaining access to medicines, chemical cleaners, as well as knives and other sharp objects used in the kitchen.

2- Install safety gates at the top of stairs if you have them in your home to prevent falls down stairs and where necessary to keep children away from dangerous areas like the basement.  These can even be temporarily installed to prevent toddlers going into the kitchen which can be a dangerous place.

3- Another tip for safety measures at home for children is to install door knob covers and mini sliding door locks to help prevent children from entering rooms and other areas with possible dangers.  These can be opened easily by adults but not by children.  An extremely important area to have these locks installed is at access gates near swimming pools.

Toddler safety
4- Check that the water temperature of water heaters are not set to too hot to prevent children getting scalded while bathing as they can fiddle with the taps.  Use anti-scald devices on taps and shower heads. While bathing toddlers never leave them alone even for a few minutes to answer the phone because they can fall over and drown in just a few inches of water.

5- While cooking, keep small children out of the kitchen.  Your pot handles should face towards the wall to prevent children grabbing them and getting burnt when placed on the stove.  See the point above about keeping small children out of the kitchen with safety gates.

Sili-Chic Teething Necklaces for Babies. Click Below to Browse


6- A vital tip for safety measures at home for children and for everyone is that smoke detectors should be installed to alert you to fires. These safety devices are essential for protection against fire deaths and injuries.  Regularly check the smoke detectors for operation and the battery backups for integrity.

7- Installing window guards and safety netting are safety measures at home for children to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, decks, and landings. Safety gates should be installed if you live in a high rise with a balcony to prevent children accessing the balcony at all times.

8- Many accidents involving children and toddlers happen from sharp edges around the home and these can be avoided by installing edge bumpers which are available at hardware stores.  Check sharp edges of furniture and fireplaces, kitchen counter tops and anywhere that it is possible for children to fall and injure themselves.

9- Another of the very important safety measures at home for children which is often ignored is making sure that electrical outlets are child proofed.  Thousands of children suffer death from electrocution all over the world when little fingers find their way into electrical outlet holes.  Child proofing for outlets are available at many hardware stores and they are inexpensive and easy to install. Most outlet protectors are clip on so check that they cannot be easily removed by children and are large enough so that children cannot choke on them.

10- If you have blinds or hanging curtain cords make sure they are trimmed and out of reach of children to prevent strangulation.  Alternatively use tassel cord endings and safety cords for blinds, or wrap the cords firmly on a fastener hook out of reach.

Safety for Toddlers

11- It often happens that children slam their fingers in doors or cut them on door hinges. Simple rubber door stops can prevent this from happening to toddlers especially when they have just learned how to crawl.

The above basic safety measures at home for children are easy enough for parents and low cost, but most importantly small children should not be left alone for long periods of time. Parents of new arrivals can implement simple safety measures at home for children and have peace of mind they have done everything possible to prevent accidents.

Browse Sili-Chic Online Store for fashionable teething jewellery and accessories to soothe teething babies.

Sili-Chic further offer safe approved silicone jewelry for teething .

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Choosing The Right Silicone Dummy Clips

Choosing The Right Silicone Dummy Clips


Buy Safe & Durable Silicone Dummy Clips With Peace Of Mind From Sili-Chic!

Firstly, Sili-Chic wishes everyone a prosperous 2021 and thanks for the support from all of our customers.  Currently our most popular sellers are silicone dummy clips for teething relief, so much so, that during our recent expo many walked out of the door without us even knowing this!

In this article we would like to point out why our silicone dummy clips are currently the best on the market and are perfect for Mums or baby shower gifts too.

Unlike many other suppliers we are further pleased to offer personalized dummy clips, and where it concerns quality, we have made certain they meet and exceed safety standards for your complete peace of mind.

Contrary to what you may read at many parenting websites online, quality dummy clips are safe and that is why it is important to only buy them from a reputable supplier like Sili-Chic where you know they meet all basic safety regulations.

Help For Baby Teething Dummy ClipsWhy Our Silicone Dummy Clips Stand Out From The Rest.

Sili-Chic hand-makes all jewelery and we are fully aware of all the characteristics a dummy clip and other teething silicone jewelry should have to meet the required safety standards for babies that will be using these for teething relief.

When we look at many competitors of silicone jewellery, we note that some of the items are potentially dangerous for babies and as you will read in previous articles we cannot stress the importance of safety first for Mums using these items to pacify babies during teething.

For parents , new mums or those looking for a baby shower gift you should note some important facts about silicone dummy clips;

  • Length should be as close to around 22cm as possible
  • Strength of lanyard used for the beads must be tough and durable
  • Resistance of handling must be tough as babies are not exactly gentle with their toys and items
  • Beads should be food grade and durable for use considering babies will chew on these incessantly
  • Clip, stainless steel or approved materials that are tough while baby is using the silicone dummy clips
    Teething Dummy Clips

Sili-Chic welcomes any inquiries regarding our silicone jewellery for advice or personalization.

Our mission is to give you peace of mind that you will only be buying superior quality which we stand behind in every way.

Avoid buying dummy clips with little embellishments and additional items to make them more attractive because these can find their way into a baby’s mouth causing a choking hazard.

Browse our collections of silicone dummy clips and other great jewellery which is functional and fashionable for Mums.

Help Babies Get Through The Teething Stage With Silicone Dummy Clips

Help Babies Get Through The Teething Stage With Silicone Dummy Clips

Click Below to Shop Now!

Dummy Teething Clips

Silicone Dummy Clips Provide Fast Relief For Teething Babies

Babies have to get through teething when new teeth start breaking through their gums on their own, but Mum’s can help with silicone dummy clips available from Sili-Chic. When teething begins babies find relief by chewing on something and silicone accessories have proven to be effective.

Silicone necklaces can be worn by new mothers, while dummy clips are just as useful and always handy to be chewed on by babies whenever teething pains begin.  Dummy clips and other silicone jewelry is manufactured using food grade silicone that is soft and smooth providing pain relief when babies chew on the beads.

The colours of the beads also stimulate babies and while they fiddle with the beads they also learn about shapes, textures and different colours.

A Variety of Styles & Colours are available from Sili-Chic.

Teething Baby Dummy Clips

Sili-Chic stocks a great variety of shapes, styles and colours in silicone jewelry with intriguing names so you are bound to find something just perfect for your baby boys and girls. We also offer personalized dummy clips which are an awesome gift for new Mum’s and thoughtful gifts for baby showers for Mum’s to be.

Choose stylish necklaces from our range in a variety of trendy colours to suit any outfit and always handy when out and about to sooth your teething baby.

Dummy clips are made using the best quality silicone beads and they act similar to a dummy or teat for baby to chew on.  Beware of knockoff silicone jewelry claiming to be safe and food grade.  Be sure to buy from a reputable seller like Sili-Chic.

Dummy Clips

All our jewellery is manufactured by hand using the best quality materials which will not break when your baby tugs on them.

Always be present while your baby is chewing on the beads or dummy clips and to relieve pain further you can sprinkle some approved teething powder on the beads or the baby’s gums.

Warning: Do NOT place the necklace around your baby’s neck because this could cause a choking hazard or suffocation.

You can attach dummy clips to babies bib, soft toy or carrier to allow easy access.  You can also let baby chew the beads on your necklace while you are holding and soothing them.

Sili-Chic has some other useful teething products too, like our super cute teething mittens available in pink or white. Shop our range of approved silicone jewelry, dummy clips and beautiful necklaces at great prices.

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Teething Mittens

Feel free to send us a message on Facebook and let us know if you would like something custom designed with your preferred names and colours.