Buy Our Gorgeous Silicone Necklaces Before They Are All Sold Out!

Buy Our Gorgeous Silicone Necklaces Before They Are All Sold Out!

Silicone Necklaces and Dummy Clips for Teething Babies: Our Hottest Sellers Right Now.

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Silicone Necklaces

Order Our Stylish Silicone Necklaces Fast While Stocks Last!

Sili-Chic offers a wonderful range of superior quality silicone necklaces and dummy clips perfect to sooth teething babies and you can order from us conveniently online.

Our gorgeous necklaces have become a fashion statement and we offer some wonderful colours to choose from which are great for everyday wear to complement any outfits, while being perfect gifts for anyone that loves something different in fashion jewelry.

Make your own comparisons at other stores and you will agree that we offer exceptional value for money in comparison while you can rest assured our products exceed safety standards, manufactured by hand, using the best quality silicone materials. If you are not interested in necklaces, browse some awesome pendant styles in our Luxury Chic or Tasteful Chic categories.

Mums love our beautiful silicone necklaces and pendants which come with delightful coloured beads and accessories and baby’s love fiddling with these and chewing on them for teething pain relief. Dummy clips are another popular buy for mums and for baby shower gifts and we offer personalization with names, something you will not find at commercial stores.

Sooth Baby Teething Pains with Silicone Necklaces and Dummy Clips from Sili-Chic.

Our  products are manufactured with superior food grade, and our silicone necklaces and dummy clips are non toxic, thus perfect for a baby to chew on and completely safe free from cadmium, lead, BPA and PVC.

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Silicone Necklaces

Browse some wonderful styles in silicone necklaces which can be worn to complement any outfit while being readily on hand to soothe your baby when you are out and about.

We use tough lanyards and accessories making our products durable and strong, made with safety in mind to prevent your baby breaking them. The soft silicone beads are gentle on your babies gums while they are chewing on them, and our dummy clips, and silicone necklaces lead the way as the first choice for new mums and baby shower gifts.

Sili-Chic are constantly updating styles, designs and colours to stay with changing fashion trends for mums but most importantly our products are perfect to help baby’s find relief during their teething periods.

All our products offer exceptional value for money in todays difficult times so follow us on Facebook to take advantage of special offers, competitions and new releases.

Browse the range of dummy clips in our categories which are a far better option than grubby teething rings which harbour bacteria and are not easy to keep clean.

We offer a great selection of dummy clips with baby names but you are welcome to contact us and we will make one especially for you with the name of your preference. We ship our products in sturdy, Sili-Chic branded boxes so if you want to send a baby shower gifts to someone during lockdown you can order from us online with confidence.

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Silicone Jewellery from Sili-Chic

Remember our stylish silicone necklaces are also a perfect gift for anyone that loves wearing different jewellery and best of all it won’t snag in your hair, we also have colour options to easily match any outfit.

Safety Tip: Never hang silicone necklaces around a baby’s neck, and rather use dummy clips instead. While babies are teething with any silicone dummy clips, necklaces or related  jewelry, it is best that mums are present  to prevent any unforeseen accidents.