Looking for the Best Teething Mittens in South Africa?

Looking for the Best Teething Mittens in South Africa?

Buy Quality Teething Mittens in South Africa From Sili Chic.

Teething Mittens South Africa

We Sell the Best Teething Mittens and Accessories in South Africa

 There are all sorts of super accessories to help baby through those teething woes and one of the most popular is certainly silicone teething mittens popular for mums, (and dads) to help baby through those months when new teeth are pushing through.

Should you have been looking for the best teething mittens in South Africa at exceptional prices then you will be glad to have discovered Sili-Chic offering these and some exclusive silicone products proven to offer teething pain relief.  Browse our wide range and order conveniently online for delivery all over South Africa.

Our superior quality food-grade silicone teething mittens are designed with tiny nubbins great for baby to chew on to relieve teething pains and will provide instant relief and soothing. Many babies chew their fingers when teething starts and these mittens are the perfect solutions offering further protection from babies scratching themselves when putting little fingers in their mouths.

silicone teether Accessory

Teething Rings, Teething Toys and Dummy Clips.

A combination of teething accessories will help your baby breeze through those uncomfortable months when new teeth push through the gums. This can take up to 12 months for some babies and will be a frustrating time for new mums when the baby is constantly fussing and crying from discomfort and pain.

Our quality teething mittens are durable, easy to clean and safe to use for babies from around 4 months. Try the best teething mittens or our extremely popular ‘Sili Munchers’ which is another awesome teething accessory exclusively available from Sili-Chic.

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Cleaning Silicone Teethers and Mittens.

Silicone accessories that are designed for babies are easy to clean and can simply be washed with warm soapy water, thoroughly rinsed and hung out to dry.  Now you can buy the best teething mittens from Sili-Chic available in two different colours, and if you are looking for super baby shower gifts you will find something special in our ranges of products suitable to relieve babies during those teething months.

It is useful to know that you only need use one teething mitten at a time leaving the other hand free for baby to fiddle while chewing on them. Mittens further aid in hand eye coordination and our vibrant pink and light blue colours in mittens are stimulating. Your baby will love these mittens and only the best and highest quality is sold by Sili-Chic.

Silicone Teething Mittens


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Our Exciting New Sili Muncher Teething Toys & Dummy Clips Have Arrived!

Our Exciting New Sili Muncher Teething Toys & Dummy Clips Have Arrived!

Sili-Chic is delighted to announce the launch of our latest product range the adrobale Sili-Munchers! These teething toys are designed in line with our other top sellers, teething dummy clips.

Our personalized teething dummy clips have been the go-to option for mums with teething babies and perfect choices for baby shower gifts.

Mums asked for something special for a unique baby shower gift and we answered with a range of complementing products to soothe teething babies from lovely silicone mittens to our dummy clips which can be personalized with baby names.

Order Only Superior Quality Teething Toys from Sili-Chic.

Our new Sili-Muncher, just like our collection of silicone jewelry for mums and babies, makes it easier to have something on hand when the baby starts to fuss with teething pain.  We are offering these at launch for special prices but do not delay because our Sili-Munchers are so popular  that they are selling faster than we can make them so order today!

Order fast because these delightful new teething toys are selling like hotcakes and you can place your order conveniently online through Facebook.

Due to the popularity of these teething toys, they are not listed in our store until we have built up sufficient stocks so contact us here or on Facebook.

Mums and customers that have purchased our teething dummy clips have mentioned they are delighted with the effectiveness of calming the baby down within seconds. The warm colors of the silicone beads soothe the baby, while the extended string of beads gives them something to fiddle with.

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Exceptional Value, Exceptional Quality!  Our New Sili-Muncher Teething Toys.

Our customers know that Sili-Chic only uses superior food-grade silicone in all our products and the popular personalized teething dummy clips are the hottest sellers.  Sili-Munchers come with a convenient handle for babies to hold with cute colors and accessories to keep fussing babies occupied.

Browse the categories of our product selections to find the perfect baby shower gift in teething dummy clips, silicone mittens and our new Sili-Muncher teething toys.

We deliver nationwide and you can order securely online or contact us through Facebook.  Should you wish to order bulk teething dummy clips or our exclusive new Sili-Munchers then contact us directly and we will discuss a mutually beneficial price per quantity.

Sili-Chic’s main goal is to provide affordable teething dummy clips and complementing accessories for teething babies.